Mr. Sherman, in his last moments, becomes a conduit for the black hole which ultimately only ends up thwarting himself

The Planetarium is an unfinished section of Heritage High School that was never finished since its conception due to lack of funds. It harbored Mr. Sherman's secret black hole super weapon failsafe, if Stetson Jenkins was to ever get more influence over Heritage High School than himself.

History Edit

The Planetarium is a two story room in front of the school nearby Mr. Sherman's office for easy access. It was forced to close on September 23, 2010 following issues with budget and a lack of direction. The Planetarium remains unfinished as of November 2016, and is expected to stay this way until proper funds and direction can be given to the project. It was destroyed when Mr. Sherman made The Planetarium, along with his black hole, collapse in on itself in an attempt to take the lives of Stetson Jenkins and Jonah Lieberman since they had more power than him.

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