The clear room

The Clear Room EP is the debut studio album by rap group SJ Records, released on July 31, 2016.

Stetson Jenkins, the founder of SJ Records, made the album's cover art himself.

Music Edit

The album is considered dotted with offensive and funny lyrics. The songs have a hazy feel to them usually, contradicting the idea of "clear" as in the title of the album.

Stetson Jenkins has referred to "VERSATILE" as an "quick hit" being made over the course of three days.

The album opener "The Clear Room" is described by Stetson Jenkins as "the shaper song", and said "I showed the lyrics to Jonah Lieberman, and we wrote this song over the course of a week and he helped make the instrumental. He originally had backing vocals in the chorus, but he pushed for layered vocals of just myself instead."

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