Heritage High School, "Reward School 2013", is a public high school located in Maryville, Tennessee. It is a central topic to many of SJ Records' songs, such as VERSATILE. Stetson Jenkins and Jonah Lieberman hail from this school, with StetSin only attending for his Freshmen-Sophomore year, when he wasn't being suspended by Mr. Sherman, and by DieFaust from Junior year to the present.

Campus Edit

Deemed "The World's Biggest Dip Can", Heritage High School lies within 15 miles of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

There are two main buildings; the large main building has three wings with two stories each. It has a cafeteria for the entrance, for some reason, two gymnasiums, an auditorium, and The Planetarium. The other main building is the vocational building, where Ms. Walker resides.

Notable alumni Edit

There are no famous people to come out of Reward School 2013. Whoever goes in is sure to not come out the same, due to high dip concentrations in the local atmosphere that was artificially made by making the school resemble a prison my implementing barbed wire fence to treat the students like malevolent beasts.

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